Project Overview

Cassowary Coast Regional Council will soon be starting a clean-up program of items left on our beaches and foreshore areas.

It is great to take a chair down to the beach to enjoy the scenery, but we ask that you take it to the beach, enjoy it and then take it home when you are done.

To address the issue of furniture and other items left on our beachfronts, the Beach Furniture Clean Up Program will commence in early 2023 with Council officers attending Wongaling Beach from Monday 20 February, weather permitting.

Council has established the program to clear unapproved structures and debris that is left behind and identified structures will be provided with 14 days to remove.

After this time, Council Officers will remove the item and store it at Council’s depot for a further 30 days for collection. A fee of $63 paid via EFTPOS will be applicable per item and can be paid by visiting Council's Tully and Innisfail Customer Service Centres. After the 30 days, if items are not collected, Council will dispose of, auction or or donate items to a local charity.

Council understands that for some, these items are part of a tradition and Council will be looking to provide permanent alternatives across key locations in the future. For now, we are requesting the support of our community to ensure that these items return home with you when you leave.

Let’s keep our paradise clean, and when visiting the beach, leave only footprints in the sand when you leave.
Council sincerely thanks and appreciates our community’s support.

Patio furniture, umbrellas, and other yard accessories will deteriorate, break down or rust if not protected from the weather, especially as we enter the wet season.

Items that have been left behind create visual pollution, impact our environment and become waste; and, in the event of a storm or cyclone event, can become deadly missiles.

The fee per item is $63.00 and can be paid by EFTPOS at any of Council's Customer Service Centres.

The fees can be found by visiting Council’s Fee’s and Charges 2022/23 at

Please take note that the fee is per item. For example if you have had a table and four chairs collected during the clean up, the total fee for this would be $315.00.

Once payment has been received and good/s identified, Council will advise on the collection details. A suitable time will be arranged at this time.

We are all lucky to live on the doorstep of two World Heritage areas and we all have a role to play in keeping these areas pristine to be enjoyed by future generations.

These items can be brought to the beach or forefront to be enjoyed but we ask that when you go home, you leave only footprints and take these items home.

While we encourage everyone on the Cassowary Coast to reuse and recycle resources at home, there are some items that still need to go to a disposal facility. Domestic waste can be disposed of at no charge at Council facilities, limited to one load per day.

Green waste can be disposed of at, all Council’s transfer stations (except Murray Upper), Green waste is recycled into mulch, which residents collect and use in the garden/landscaping.

Implementation of an annual clean-up/kerbside collection has been investigated by Council and it would not be cost effective to undertake this service, however Council offers initiatives, such as free domestic waste disposal (see link for more information) and free green waste disposal. For more information on this initiative or waste station locations, please visit

*please note that this offer is subject to conditions and is restricted to domestic household waste.