Dog Off Leash Trial Locations

Wongaling Beach (beach area between the northern end of Banfield Parade and Dickinson Street, Wongaling Beach (500m) and Tully Heads (beach area between the Unnamed Street on Carron Esplanade and the southern boundary of Penning Park (460m).

Based on the success of the original six dog off leash trial sites, Council has endorsed two further trial locations. During the feedback period for the first trial, residents suggested further locations were needed. Council has take this feedback on board and a trial is now underway in Wongaling Beach and Tully Heads.

Council's Subordinate Local Law No.2 (Animal Management) 2022 which allows for the designation of dog off-leash areas, was amended to support the trial period.

View the trial locations below as well as all active sites.

Dog owner obligations

When entering dog off leash areas, make sure your dog:

  • Is under your control (e.g. your dog will return to you when called).
  • Is not a nuisance to nearby residences, other dogs and their owners.
  • Dog waste is picked up and disposed of.
  • Is registered with Council, wormed regularly and vaccinations are up to date.

The Cassowary Coast Good Dog Owners Guide has some helpful tips to keep your dog happy, healthy and safe. This is extra important when exposing your dog to dog off leash areas.

For more information on how to be a good dog owner click here.