Dog Off Leash Locations

The Cassowary Coast is becoming a lifestyle destination of choice for fur friends with Council endorsing three additional Dog Off-Leash areas in Innisfail, Wongaling Beach and Tully Heads.

The new Dog Off-Leash Areas follow the success of existing five locations that allow dogs to be off-leash in specified locations under full control of the owner.Dog Off-Leash areas can be an asset to the community in terms of providing physical exercise opportunities and health and wellbeing benefits. If properly managed, they can also contribute to sustainable recreation by reducing conflict with wildlife and sensitive environmental areas.

The amended Subordinate Local Law No. 2 (Animal Management) 2022 will now list three additional Dog Off-Leash Areas:

  • Wrights Park, Innisfail – Sherwood Street
  • Wongaling Beach, between the northern end of Banfield Parade to Dickinson Street
  • Tully Heads, between the unnamed street on Carron Esplanade and Penning Park

They join existing Dog Off-leash Areas:

  • Boustead Park, Kurrimine Beach
  • Mission Beach foreshore, between Miter St and Pacific Pde – Esplanade access
  • South Mission Beach foreshore, between Kennedy Esp. boat ramp and the beach access 100m North of Jackey Jackey St
  • Wildsoet Park, Tully
  • Coral Sea Park, Cardwell – North of shared path termination to Coral Sea Drive

Dog owner obligations

When entering dog off leash areas, make sure your dog:

  • Is under your control (e.g. your dog will return to you when called).
  • Is not a nuisance to nearby residences, other dogs and their owners.
  • Dog waste is picked up and disposed of.
  • Is registered with Council, wormed regularly and vaccinations are up to date.

The Cassowary Coast Good Dog Owners Guide has some helpful tips to keep your dog happy, healthy and safe. This is extra important when exposing your dog to dog off leash areas.

For more information on how to be a good dog owner click here.