Council works with hundreds of external suppliers, contractors, and businesses each year. Council aims to assist suppliers and contractors who wish to supply goods and/or services to the Cassowary Coast Regional Council.

By engaging with us, suppliers and contractors gain access to a broad spectrum of projects and initiatives across various areas. Whether you specialise in construction, consulting, or professional services, partnering with Council offers the chance to contribute meaningfully to the region's development while also expanding your business horizons.

Collaborating with Council not only provides a platform for business growth but also fosters lasting relationships and networks within the community.

Requests for quotations may come from any of our departments. Quotations are based on the threshold limits outlined In our procurement policy (https://hdp-au-prod-app-cassowary-planning-files.s...). If a quote is accepted, Council will produce a purchase order accompanied by standard terms and conditions.

A Register of Pre-Qualified Suppliers for goods and/or services is currently established for Plant and Truck Hire and Trades and Services. . Suppliers will need to submit via a tender process and meet specific criteria to be successful in being accepted onto the relevant panel. These contracts will be renewed in the coming Financial year, with the tender being released in July.

A pre-qualified supplier is a supplier who Council has assessed as having the technical, financial and managerial capability necessary to perform contracts on time and in accordance with agreed requirements. The assessment process is fulfilled by initially inviting tenders to establish pre-qualified suppliers.

A Register of Pre-Qualified Suppliers is a list of such suppliers.

Council uses VendorPanel for all tendering processes. VendorPanel is an e-tendering solution used to streamline the tendering process. Register your business with VendorPanel ( to receive invitations, to download tender documents, seek clarification using the forum and lodge electronic quotation and tender responses.

The Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) established Local Buy to assist Local and State Governments meet their procurement needs by conducting the procurement process to establish contractual panel arrangement for various goods and/or services which Councils and Government bodies can utilise. Quotations are requested by Council through these panel arrangements. For further information and opportunities to be a part of Local Buy Panel Arrangements, please visit their website via


Cassowary Coast Regional Council is now using VendorPanel PTY Ltd for their Request for Quotation (RFQ) and Request for Tender (RFT) procurement process.

VedorPanel Link:

Who is VendorPanel?

VendorPanel is a secure procurement platform used by organisations to identify and engage with suppliers as well as run efficient and compliant sourcing processes.

Why VendorPanel?

VendorPanel is an e-tendering solution that streamlines the tendering process between business and local government in Queensland. The features of this e-tendering service for your business are:

  • Free access to local government tenders;
  • Fast downloading of Council tender documents;
  • Easy uploading of responses to Council tenders; and
  • Receive new tender email notifications by creating one or more advanced searches.
  • Wednesday from 2:00pm - 3:00pm

Suppliers can register for VendorPanel's monthly webinar to learn how to sign up and setup your account for success.

To register please enter your details via the link: