Open Space Strategy Hierarchy and Service Standard - Phase Two

Cassowary Coast Regional Council is developing an Open Space Strategy to address the oversupply of open space and undersupply of quality regional parks. The project aims to guide the future planning, management, and resourcing of our open spaces to improve liveability and enjoyment within our communities.

As a part of Phase One, Council sought feedback on the draft Open Space Classification and Service Level document. The intent was to seek feedback on the proposed park hierarchy, levels of service and embellishments for park types. During Phase Two Council sought feedback on the allocations given to ensure we are aligning with the Classification and Service Level document, as well as meeting the community’s perception, needs and wants.

Where are we up to?

Council has completed Stage Two, which focuses on allocating each open space to a Hierarchy and Service standards across the region.

Council has now reviewed the feedback provided by the community during the consultation and will take the recommendation to the October Local Government Meeting.

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