Open Space Strategy Development – Stage 1

Cassowary Coast Regional Council is developing an Open Space Strategy. As the first phase of this project, we are seeking community input into the Open Space Classification and Service level framework. We need to develop this framework as this will form the “backbone” of our approach to sustainable management of our Open Spaces which are an important part of the fabric of Cassowary Coast’s community infrastructure.

We invite you to participate in Stage 1 of this project and welcome your feedback.


Cassowary Coast Regional Council has a range of open spaces including sporting grounds, playgrounds, water parks, reserves, foreshores, parks along river systems, wetlands and stormwater reserves, natural areas, plazas or town squares, and streetscapes.

Open Space includes all land that is publicly owned and managed and is publicly accessible for community use. Open Space performs many functions across the region including conserving our natural environment, contributing to our community’s health and wellbeing, providing areas for sports and recreation, creating spaces for events and socialisation and supporting economic development and tourism to name a few.

Initial assessment of Council parks and reserves network has identified Council manages over 300 open spaces across the Cassowary Coast. As part of Stage 1 developing our Open Space Strategy Council needs to develop a parks and reserves hierarchy, providing for future levels of embellishment and service standards.

A Draft Open Space Classification and Service Level has been developed in which Council is seeking public feedback for Phase One in three key areas including the proposed open space classifications, embellishments and service levels. These key classifications and service level will inform future investment and management outcomes across the Cassowary Coast parks and reserves network.

We are committed to ensuring that there are accessible and quality open spaces across our region.

This Strategy provides a guide for the development and provision of open space now and into the future by looking at six key strategic outcomes:

  1. Develop a holistic long term strategy for the provision of Open Space by Council in the Cassowary Coast Local Government Area
  2. Explore further opportunities for partnerships with stakeholders including Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, education providers and other open space providers
  3. Develop a hierarchy of council managed open space consistent with the Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP) 2019 and Recreation and Natural Asset plans,
  4. Allocate a Level of Service (Star Rating) to guide service levels and outcomes,
  5. Provide improved facilities at identified regional and district parks, whilst assessing oversupply supply of open space, local and village parks
  6. Achieve targeted savings of 5% by refining operations and maintenance costs.

Where are we up to?

The Draft Open Space Classification and Service Level has been developed in line with the Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP) 2019 and the Recreational and Natural Areas Asset Management plan 2019. Council is seeking your feedback on Phase One in the development of the Cassowary Coast Open Space Strategy.

Subject to the outcomes of this feedback process, it is intended that the final Draft Open Space Classification and Service Level be presented to Council for endorsement in early 2023 to inform Phase 2 of the development of the Cassowary Coast Open Space Strategy.