Cassowary Coast Regional Council recognises the unique biodiversity and ecological values, landscape character and amenities the region holds. In managing the Region’s public tree network, Council aims to balance risks against the social, economic and environmental benefits of public trees.

Cassowary Coast Regional Council recently invited residents to provide feedback prior to the adoption of the Public Tree Management Policy. A copy of the Policy can be found in the Documents Library on the right of this page.

The purpose of this Policy is to provide:

  • Commitment to the retention and effective management of the region's public trees;
  • Strategic direction in relation to planting of new trees, continued maintenance, management and protection of trees located on Council-controlled land;
  • Address key recommendations in Local Government Mutual Services Tree Risk Management Guide 2021; and
  • Strategic direction for implementation of Local Law No.4 (Local Government Controlled Areas and Roads).

The Tree Management Policy is one of a suite of documents used to manage trees on public land in the Cassowary Coast Region and is the over-arching document by which the others reference and are guided and informed by. The Tree Management Guidelines and Tree Management Procedure can also be viewed to the right of this page.

Across the region’s public tree network, Council’s activities and resources shall be prioritised upon the following order of principles:

  1. Manage risks to public safety.
  2. Manage risks to property or infrastructure.
  3. Preserve and maintain the health and structural soundness of the Cassowary Coast region’s public trees.
  4. Improve the region’s image, livability and the wellbeing of the community by prioritising the integration of public trees.