We’d like to know how we can make walking in Tully a more accessible, safe and improved experience to connect people to where they need to go.

Walking the kids to school and riding or walking to work or the shops is one of the most effective ways to combine regular exercise with your everyday routine. More people will walk when everyday destinations are connected by comfortable, direct, safe and accessible routes.

To encourage walking as a more desirable option and identify future network opportunities around Tully, Council and The Department of Main Roads (TMR) are developing a Walking Network Plan.

The key part of this plan is to better understand community habits and needs for the transport network and how Tully’s walking infrastructure can be improved now and for the future.


In the below survey, share your ideas about what would make you consider walking and/or cycling over every other form of transport to get around Tully.


The interactive mapping tool below can be used in addition to completing the online survey. Save this link in your smart device and use the mapping tool at any time during the consultation period. While you’re out and about, take note of the following on the interactive mapping tool –

• Map the destinations you currently walk to – school, shops, work etc.

• Draw the routes you currently walk for recreation (line, ideally with measurer)

• Draw the routes you would like to walk for recreation (line, ideally with measurer)

• Identify any issues or concerns which impact your ability to walk a route in Tully – high volume traffic, safety concerns, accessibility issue, fear of crime, no path connection, poor quality path, unsafe crossing etc.

Next Steps

Once the online survey closes, Council will collate all information received and conduct a community workshop for the community to hear results and provide additional feedback on the Draft Walking Network Plan.