Project Details

The purpose of the Youth Advisory Committee is to provide a platform for youth throughout the Cassowary Coast to communicate with Council on current and emergent themes impacting youth in the region. To showcase the bold ideas youth have in creating a region they want to live, work and stay in. The committee focuses on meaningful youth participation and will work collaboratively to ensure the views and opinions of youth are heard.


  • To be an advisory committee to Council on issues that are important to youth across the Cassowary Coast
  • To provide insight about youth involvement and representation in Council’s planning and decision making
  • To assist and advise on Council’s engagement and consultation approach with youth
  • To capture the brave and bold ideas of the region’s future from those who may lead it.
  • To ensure the voice of youth in Cassowary Coast are put forward, represented and considered.


In March, Council endorsed twelve members between the ages of 15 to 24 years to be a part of the YAC. Through the expression of interest process, these members highlighted their contributions to their local community and their interests in making the community a more youth-orientated place.


The committee will meet bi-monthly at dates and times determined by the committee as an approved meeting schedule. The committee will be provided the opportunity to present Executive Management and a Local Government Meetings by invitation.

During the first YAC meeting held in April, members raised their concerns and ideas in areas that they felt Council needs to focus on to strengthen the retention of youth within the region. Ideas included promotion of job opportunities, study support, event participation and lack of communication, and media reach to young people.