Cassowary Coast Regional Council is excited to announce the launch of community engagement on the Innisfail CBD Revitalisation project.

Strategically positioned on the banks of the Johnstone River, with access to incredible natural landscapes and a passionate and connected community, Innisfail has a lot to offer. Through physical improvements, events and activity, there is an opportunity to revitalise our CBD, encouraging people to stop, spend time and in-turn contribute to the local economy. We need your help!

This engagement progresses the ideas and aspirations captured by community and Council through the development of the 2018 Innisfail Master Plan. The Master Plan remains a valuable document with many great ideas for the town’s future.

Council is now ready for the next step; to create a clear and ground-truthed roadmap for future investment in the town.

As with all places, Innisfail’s revitalisation will require support from all of us. There is a role for everyone in our community to play. This process will explore how our businesses, local residents, community groups and young people can work collaboratively to assist in delivering a shared vision to revitalise Innisfail.

Let us know what you love about Innisfail and what you would like to see prioritised in the next 10-years. Keep an eye out for opportunities to meet with Council at face-to-face workshops and pop-up events.

Site location

What areas within Innisfail will the project focus on?

The extent of the project study area is as highlighted in diagram below.

Online Survey

Big Idea

Big Idea

What is your one big idea for the revitalisation of the Innisfail CBD? Council invites you to use the Ideas Board below to share your ideas for improvements. Your ideas will be posted publicly providing the opportunity for others to vote on each idea. (max 140 characters).

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29 March, 2023

Larry says:

Purchase the river front ex-childcare centre and lease out as a cafe. Build a splashpad immediately adjacent in the park- think "Muddies"

29 March, 2023

Larry says:

Move the moorings from in front of the playground and the Impy, to upstream of Innisfail Seafood, to improve the amenity of the river front.

27 March, 2023

Michael says:

Google Maps Street View is showing images from 15 years ago. Image quality is poor and blurry but could be renewed

27 March, 2023

Michael says:

Recognise that there is a historical and a climate aspect to building exterior quality (run down) but certainly the place feels tired n old

27 March, 2023

Michael says:

Footpaths and cycleways across Innisfail broadly for locals and tourists alike. Shaded. All abilities kerb ramp and width.

27 March, 2023

Michael says:

Planning / zoning heights. Urban CBD area office buildings and accommodation. A lot more people are moving to Cairns and Innisfail and FNQ.

26 March, 2023

Richard Graham says:

A music/band shell/rotunda to give an all-weather covered area for local artists/musicians/groups to perform.

23 March, 2023

Paul Keenan says:

A Council supported Volunteer Group to be established for the CBD. Organised tours of the CBD in tourist season could be a start.

21 March, 2023

Jack says:

Put the bins back

20 March, 2023

loubell46 says:

Towns that have 'BIG' things are always remembered by travellers. We need our own BIG thing for people to come to see. BIG CASSOWARY

17 March, 2023

Kerry says:

Have a permanent stage on the river bank which could be used for monthly concerts and events like Feast of the Senses and Tropical Art Deco

15 March, 2023

Karen Vick says:

King George Park. Close it a few months, then reopen it as a (fenced/lockable) day park. A scaled down version of Munro Martin Parklands.

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